The Spooky October Tag



The Spooky October Tag 

The Spooky October Tag from





Do you get scared easily?  Sometimes


Have you ever played Bloody Mary?  No and I never will. I’m an Empath and pick up all type of energies so I do my best to avoid negative energies.


You’re home alone, but you hear footsteps. What do you do?  Nothing. It is probably my room-mate or my cat. If my brother Stephen is visiting then it’s him. My landlord lives above me so I can hear his comings and goings.


Do you prefer gore or thrillers?  



Favorite scary movies?  

Modern: The Others.  Shutter Island. The Sixth Sense.

Classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood: Anything from the 30s, 40s, & and 50s.  The Original Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy.


What was your scariest Halloween costume?  I really don’t do scary.  However Readers, Subscribers & Followers you decide. Do you find any of my Halloween Costumes scary? Let me know!  Please comment.



These were taken July 2016. Not Halloween but I decided to be Blue Spidey Lady.



Back to the Halloween Costumes.


My cat Weezer decided to photo bomb the picture. Weezer crossed the Rainbow bridge in December 2015.

These photos are from 2013.


If you were asked to spend the night in a haunted house, would you?



Are you superstitious?



Creepiest thing that has ever happened to you? 

My former museum workplace is haunted being that parts of the building were constructed in the 19th Century there are spirits still wandering there. Many of the Museum Security Guards feel that the both the American and Egyptian Wings are haunted. I never had a creepypasta in the American Wing but I never liked being posted in the Egyptian Wing especially at night. The mummies in this wing know that they are displaced and not in their real home so I believe their spirits wander the galleries.

The creepiest was in a Civil War photography exhibit a few years ago. The Civil War was I believe the first war to be photography. Photography was fairly new but cameras recorded the dead, dying and maimed. Lots of horrifying photos of amputated limbs. Just to let folks know Matthew Brady the famed Civil War photographer actually had assistants taking those pictures (he was nearly blind) and he regularly had his assistants move the bodies around to achieve a better effect. If that is not creepy I don’t know what is.

Did these questions scare you?









12 thoughts on “The Spooky October Tag

  1. This was a breath of fresh air reading this post and looking at your pictures, they made me smile and brought back memories of my childhood. I have not worn a custom since my daughters were 9 and 13.
    I love that you escape reality even for a day.x x x

    1. Thanks. I did not dress up for Halloween for a long time even though I always attended Stephen’s Halloween costumes then one year he won Best Male Costume at his training program. Then I said let me join in the fun even though only the consumers have the opportunity to compete. It also is another way to strengthen our sibling bond.

  2. Pingback: Kitty Spooktober ~ Halloween questions you didn’t ask, but I’m answering anyway ;) – Who Loves Kitty

  3. Pingback: Kitty Spooktober ~ Halloween questions you haven’t asked, but I’m answering anyway ;) – Who Loves Kitty

      1. That Other Petra Guy

        I think next year I will indulge and attempt it for the first. I’m always the camera guy…hahaha

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