Pampering Skin, Hair, Fingers & Toes



Indian Oils Great for Skin & Hair

The Daily Post

Sep 24, 2017


Pampering Hair, Skin, feet and hands. Pedicures and Manicures are wonderful.


My Love Affair with Manic Panic


Another Excellent Indian Hair & Skin Oil


Two Stranded Twists


African Red Palm Oil



3 thoughts on “Pampering Skin, Hair, Fingers & Toes

    1. If I could see better and my arthritis would allow I would. The stroke took most of the vision in my left eye. Young Lady count yourself lucky as aging and disease changes the body forcing you to adapt and ask for help.

    2. Value your youth. Now because of arthritis and my stroke my right arm goes dead, I’m blind in my left eye and I miss at least one day of work every month because my body is breaking down.
      You will understand when you get older.

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