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Hidden Meanings in Art and the City


Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Take the Road Less Traveled 🙂

Hidden pathways awaiting our determination creating our destination.









20 thoughts on “Hidden | The Daily Post

    1. Marc, Just wanted to let you know that I have been able to enjoy your cat blog without interruption. I get the blog posts daily. Many bloggers have complained about WordPress fickleness and WP has unsubscribed people without their knowledge or permission. I think WordPress is possessed by gremlins!!

      1. It does seem like they are at the moment which is annoying. Apparently the like button and comment button don’t show for a lot of people reading it through the feed reader via a Website. 🙂

      1. XD. Do you know when the button disappeared for you? Was it around Thursday by any chance? That’s when we noticed a significant drop in engagement. :s

      1. WordPress still hasn’t been able to fix our issue btw. I currently need to find them some example users with reader problems to identify what’s causing it. Fingers crossed they can figure it out.

  1. DeBorah – what a great contribution for Forgiving Fridays. ❤

    These photos remind me of how we can love every single part of ourselves and this planet …. that inside of me, there are destinations just waiting to receive love …. and that there are people just waiting for me to say, I love you.

    Thank you! I am so looking forward to sharing this for Forgiving Fridays this week. You are a gift.
    Love and blessings, Debbie

    1. I wondered that also. Was it expressing internal or external deconstruction or self-destruction. However one of the best things about art especially modern/contemporary art is that it is open to interpretation. Each viewer will attach his or her own story to the piece.

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