My One Photo that Changed it All

This is Excellent News that I just had to share with my fellow photographers. Gives me hope plus being positive and uplifting! I am a Great Admirer and fan of Jennifer. Her miniature series fascinate and intrigue me. Please visit her blog in your Free time. It is wonderful!

Tourmaline .

This post was originally published on Toy Photographers.

This is the story of the toy photo that set me on my path. From this photo, I never looked back. This, is my one photo that changed it all.

The longer it’s been since I made my college narrative project, the more I realize how defining it has been to my future photos.

The Series

5 images. A car, a car and a house, a man knocking on a door, a man handing a woman a box, and a woman standing alone with the box. Simple. Mostly.

I made the set with a model train N scale car, figures (about 1 cm tall) and house, scale model scenery and real dirt. Never had I delved into the world of train scale before, so when the items arrived in the mail the night before the project was due the heat was on in learning…

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