9 thoughts on “Waiting

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  2. Is the Living Statue in NYC train station? (Only in NY) I love seeing movies or videos of elevated trains going through the city. I don’t get a chance to take the trains anymore. The last time I did was in December when I went to a conference in Center City. I refused to pay for parking. Yet, when I come to NY, I always take a ride. I must still have 3 transit cards in my wallet. I’m due for a trip to NYC.

    1. He was at 14th Street Union Square. There are different subway entertainers and usually some fascinating performance artists. I think by now your Metro Cards have expired and you will have to buy a new one. Save them as souvenirs. I had to stop driving years ago when my eyesight got bad so subway and bus is the way to go for me. Also the best way to get to work. Feel free to check out my other photos on Roaming Urban Gypsy. I Love Photography!!

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