9 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Down at Things – Cee’s Photography

  1. Hello Deborah . . I always enjoy your perspectives. I thought of you twice this week.
    First it was last saturday when Wil Haygood author of SHOWDOWN came to my town and gave a talk. The is an old link from another city but if he comes to your town, find him . . . his stories are enlightening (I’ll post at some point) http://lincolntheatrecolumbus.com/showdown.html

    Second, I thought of you today. While I was in Nashville, I encountered artisans at a Farmers Market, I thought “if this were deborah, she would engage them” I spoke to them and and took a few photos but the lighting was improper. . . .Regardless it was a fun trip . .

    I have never thanked you for engaging with my blog . . .I’m glad somebody reads / glances / gives a 2nd thought 🙂 . . . . Hope you are well.

    1. Thanks! I am well and Celebrating my 58th Birthday. Actually my Birthday is Monday, Feb 27th but since I have some time off work I began my Celebrations yesterday. I posted lots of Goofy selfies on my other blog: https://dancingpalmtrees.com/ Don’t have to return to work until Tuesday. Then I go on vacation in March.

      I’m having a rip roaring great time! Thanks for the link. I will check it out. BTW I Loved the molten Lava video. It was excellent. I enjoy your blog very much. Many Thanks.
      Grace, Peace & Love, DeBorah

  2. Happy Birthday! What a big deal . . I am a big believer in celebrating all day, all week, all month. Birthdays are fantastic events — enjoy yourself and keep finding excuses to do something fun 🙂 I will check out your goofy selfies.

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