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This week, show us what being alone means to you.


“Solitude is the place of purification.” — Martin Buber

Many people equate solitude with loneliness, but I find it comforting and restorative. Because of social media’s ubiquity, we are constantly connected to others. Even when we are physically alone, we are very rarely truly solitary. Unplugging is good, and introspection is important, but most of us don’t get enough opportunity to do either.





12 thoughts on “Solitude | The Daily Post

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    1. True. I’ve been alone aka single for many years. At first I was lonely wanting what society told me I needed to have aka “Husband.” Now that I’ve gotten older I’m at peace with being single and I enjoy my own company. I have no desire to hook-up with some guy just because the media, society or culture tells me I must.

      1. You are simply yourself which is great since don’t try to be someone to please someone. This is actually te pre-condition to attract what really belongs into your life. I think we need to learn to be ourselves first before we are ready what fits that Self!

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