Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’


This Week’s Challenges: August 13 – 19 (OWPC & WW)

Weekly Weather: Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy: October 2012

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – After

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’

The After effects of Hurricane Sandy October 2012 which tore up most of the Northeast United States. At that time I lived in a housing development called Rochdale Village located in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Trees that had been there for over 50 years were totally uprooted. It was like a giant hand had pulled them up by the roots. People who lived near the water were evacuated. The winds and rains were so powerful that the streets and subways were flooded bringing New York City and many other coastal cities to a complete halt. Houses, other buildings, and cars were destroyed, beaches eroded, plus many people were without electricity, heat, lights, transportation, food and clean water for a long time.  Hurricane Sandy had to be one of the worst storms I’ve ever seen in my life and I hope I never see anything like this again.





7 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’

  1. That was some storm. We don’t experience anything quite like here in the UK. The last time was the great storm of 1987. I was living in London at the time. The morning after, I walked to work and it felt as if I was in some kind of disaster movie. Needless to say that when I got to work the building was not open so I turned back.

    1. Hurricane Sandy wrecked devastation every she landed. As nearly all the subway lines were under water and even the elevated ones were down it was at least two days before I could report to work. Mother Nature can be very powerful.

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