Giving High Honor and Praise to Black Women Photographers!! SiStars All!!

Mum C writes


Our guest post for today is hot with model-like beauty. She is a budding Ghanaian photographer. She has love, passion and flair for photography and is none other than Matilda Kafui Dogbatsey popularly known as Kafui Praise.

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to

KAFUI: Thanks Amoafowaa

AMOAFOWAA: Please who is Kafui Praise?

KAFUI: Kafui Praise is my brand name and Matilda Dogbatsey is my Birth name. I’m a young Lady of  26yrs from Akatsi in the Volta region of Ghana, and I live in Tema.

AMOAFOWAA: Tell us about growing up

KAFUI: Growing up was not easy at all. I recall days when I had to send bread and water to school because mummy didn’t have money to give me to go to school. A a child, I didn’t understand. I would cry as if mummy didn’t want to give me any money to school, but today having grown up…

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