Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway

Travel theme: Walking

Travel theme: Walking

Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway


Brooklyn the Borough of Churches

During this Christmas Season I stand with my Muslim Sisters and Brothers against prejudice, racism, bias and bigotry. All Peoples are Welcome in the Kingdom of God!!  The United States of America! Out of many Peoples We are One!!

Hezekiah Walker New Video “Every Praise”




9 thoughts on “Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway

    1. True. Thanks be to God I have good relations and friendships from people of all and no religion. I have been to a Hindu church, I worship on a regular basis with my Japanese Buddhist girlfriend and I’m happy to say I have several Jewish and Muslim co-workers who I laugh and joke with almost daily. One God. Different names.

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