Halloween 2015


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party



Stephen as Robin Hood, Defender and Champion of Sherwood Forest!
Creative pumpkin designs at AABR.


DeBorah the Huntress surveys her territory! Behold! I along with Stephen am the Protector of the Sherwood Forest!  My costume is sort of a combination of Diana the Huntress and the young woman character from the Hunger Games.

PROMPT STOMP ~~ Costumes

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Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015

15 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

    1. Yes my brother Stephen and I are very close. The photos of him were taken at his day treatment center AABR (for developmentally disabled adults) in Jamaica, Queens. Since our parents died nearly 20 years ago now it is just the two of us. We have lots of fun being together and having adventures.

      1. That is wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your parents. It seems like that loss has brought a lot of closeness for you two, which is wonderful to have with a family member.

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    1. Thanks! So many incarnations and only one Halloween!! Boo! Hoo!! Spider-Woman. Mata Hari and Screaming Orange Dashiki awaiting their turn upon the stage!! 🙂 😀 ❤

      My brother Stephen plans to be a Medieval Knight this year but he has had some outstanding Halloween costumes in the past!!

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