Harlem on My Mind

Dedicated to Rome

Harlem Blues


The Studio Museum in Harlem


Harlem on my mind. Photos taken at the Studio Museum in Harlem, outside the Apollo Theater, and along 125th Street. Tho photos are of James Vanderzee old photography studio at 124 and Lenox Avenue. It is now a real estate office. James Vanderzee was a famous Harlem Renaissance photographer. He photographed my Dad in 1935.

My Dad Edward Gordon Palmer
My Dad Edward Gordon Palmer

The foliage views and vistas were taken at Marcus Garvey Park formerly known as Mt. Morris Park.

My Grandfather William Palmer with some of his children. My Dad is not in this photo since he was born in 1930 and the photo taken in 1926.
My Grandfather William Palmer with some of his children. My Dad is not in this photo since he was born in 1930 and the photo taken in 1926.


125th Street Harlem
125th Street Harlem
James Vanderzee’s Old Photo Studio

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7 thoughts on “Harlem on My Mind

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  2. My Dad was a Wonderful man. He would have been 86 on Feb. 11th if he had lived. Still painful not being able to see or speak with him even though he died May 1995. Last weekend was rough for me since I was sick with an upper respiratory infection and depressed with the memories of my parents long gone.

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  4. Wow! Your photos tell fantastic stories. Again I am interested in the family heritage pictures. You identify the people in this blog post. That is fascinating.
    What about the people in the other blog post? Are they identified with a caption that I missed?
    You have a very engagng blog. Thanks for sharing

    1. Usually if you hover your pointer over the picture a caption should appear. My genre is Street/Urban Photography so I take lots of photos of Subway performers, buskers and whatever captures my imagination. Normally I do identify family photos. However over years of taking photos my memory fails me every so often. Old age!! LOL!!

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