Rambling Through Central Park




Inspired by the book, Wanderlust : A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit I decided to explore some of Central  Parks nature trails known as the Ramble.  Today I was only able to cover a few sites  but when I go on vacation next week there will be more trails to discover!  I saw some of Shakespeare’s Garden, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre (no performances), Belvedere Castle (My Favorite!!), you can climb up the stairs inside for some spectacular views, Turtle Pond, (No I did not see Turtle the first! [They must be hiding], a statue dedicated to the King of Poland, the famous Obelisk aka Cleopatra’s Needle, a statue of Hamilton, & Mr. Bubble Guy! All in all a fantastic day for Rambling!  Even though I’m a born, bred and raised New Yorker, loving the city with it’s vibe and energy as I get older I’m drawn more and more to nature with all it’s bucolic and rustic moments. Central Park is an oasis that slows the pace and revives weary New Yorkers with all it’s beauties and treasures.


The New York Historical Society was closed for the Labor Day Holiday however I have vacation coming up next week so I hope to return for a visit.

DeBorah  aka  Rambling  Rosie!

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Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass

11 thoughts on “Rambling Through Central Park

    1. I ventured on and off the Ramble trail. Central Park extends from 59th Street to 110th street so I could never cover the entire park in a couple of hours. Most of my photos center on the West side of the park except the Obelisk which is near the East Side. This will take several trips and walking visits to see the other landmarks. Very large extensive park.

      1. I only visited NYC once when I took a business trip to NJ to visit our office in that location. One of my colleagues asked if I wanted to go to NYC which I jumped on (because I thought we’d be driving). We took the subway which wasn’t bad but I wasn’t prepared for the shock of the station in NYC. As soon as we hit the street I wanted to go back because I felt so conspicuous in my business attire. I do want to go back as a planned trip to take in some of the sights. AFter seeing some of your photos Cental Park will be on my list of to dos.

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