Along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn

Along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn

Here are some photos that either didn’t fit in the previous Blog Posts or are just weird.

This appears to be somebody’s idea of a joke. The location is next to the Brooklyn Museum but upon closer inspection it might be an old abandoned subway entrance or something to do with the MTA, Transit Authority. There are many abandoned subway stations no longer in use for whatever reason. The New York City subway system dates back to as early as the 1900s in some cases. Some of these stations can no longer accommodate the Modern subway trains. You May ask is it possible to go spelunking and exploring these abandoned stations? Yes. Under the direction and authority of the MTA. There is a Transit Museum also located in Brooklyn where you can sign up for available abandoned subway excursions or as I like to call them Subway Spelunking. Hopefully when spring arrives and the weather is warmer I will do so.

Odds and Ends

Which Way Challenge: November 22, 2018 | sonofabeach96

Which Way Photography Challenge

I took these pictures today after church. This neighborhood is called Bushwick. I Live on the cusp of Bed Stuy, Brownsville and Bushwick. Depending on which direction I walk it’s possible to traverse all three neighborhoods in the course of a day.

I Love Brooklyn!

The subway system that you see in the top Upper section of the photos is the J subway train line. As you can tell the J train is an elevated Line at least in Brooklyn. It does at points during the Travel go underground.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – February 9, 2018 – Cee’s Photography  


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – February 9, 2018



On a foggy misty somewhat dreary Thursday afternoon I took a few photos while walking through Central Park on my way to work.  I really like the starkness of the trees juxtaposed with the buildings.




As always I must include my underground life. I think I spend more time on the subways than I do above ground!


Chambers Street Subway Station


Travel theme: Fragile

Chambers Street Subway Station

Should be named the Chambers of Horror Subway Station. Looks like a left over movie set from an old Vincent Price film like the Secret Laboratory Chambers of Dr. Phibes! As I was sitting waiting in a train that I thought would never arrive I recalled that old TV show Beauty and the Beast starring Ron Perlman!


Any moment as I awaited the mystery train dozens of denizens would emerge from subterranean underground chambers and caverns beckoning me to join them!  I work the night shift usually arriving at the J train Chambers street station a little after midnight. The trains run so much slower after midnight. Cleaning, power-washing, maintenance and repairs. Subway workers doing after dark what cannot be done during daylight hours. That night as the platform seemed extra deserted. Even the regular unusual suspects of homeless, vagabonds and vagrants were not there.  Sitting on the hard wooden benches.  I wondered who  or what could be down there? Abandoned trains from the nascent years of long discarded 20th Century subway cars?  Zombie Train conductors and Motormen still driving ancient decrepit out of service trains?  Secret Oracles and Seers ala The Matrix seeking the Chosen One?

Then as my sleep glazed over eyes swept across the opposite platform I saw or thought I saw a faint glimmer of a returned gaze. Shaking my drowsy head and blinking several times my eyes seemed to travel of their own free will back to an especially darkened area and I swore I could make out two silver eyes staring back at me.

Just then the thought crossed my mind, “Small mutants with Silver Eyes have great effects.”

Then I thought of all those who had fallen, were pushed or jumped onto the tracks?  Ones who in violent deaths left behind their fragrant sillage. A Melancholy of neither being in this world or the next. Displaced spirits engaging in mindless repetition seeking results only they will understand.

That night the J train seemed even slower in arriving than usual. Then as if out of the mists a train pulled into the station.  But where had it come from?  None of the expected rumbling or screeching of rails to track.  I boarded the mysterious train and as the doors closed behind me I knew this ride was not going to be the Polar Express.


Hmmmm……… A Potential Creepypasta in the making!









Bountiful Bushwick featuring Little Skips East



Bountiful Bushwick featuring Little Skips East

There is a possibility that some of my photos may be featured at Little Skips East. The Staff is very kind, helpful, friendly and pleasant. I don’t mind walking the extra blocks to spend a few moments here. Great People!!