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Stepping up my Game

Who says that the Ides of March are unlucky?!

Today was an extremely extraordinary incredible day!

The temperature went up to 64 degrees.

More Champagne Please! Another Toast is in order.


Just a few of the things I saw during today’s Fitness Walk.


Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 10/4/18


Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 10/4/18







Everyone in Favor of the Flavor say, “Aye!”  Done!  The Eyes have it!




Please Click Link for more of the Eye Ride



Bopping and Bouncing Along in Bushwick Brooklyn




Bopping and Bouncing Along in

Bushwick Brooklyn


Today Spring finally made an appearance in New York City.  The Temps went up to a balmy 74 Degrees Fahrenheit!  Great day for a stroll along Broadway in Brooklyn with a snack stop at Little Skips East Coffee Shop for a snack.  I plan to bring some of my artwork to Little Skips East who may feature my collages within the Coffee Shop!  Hooray!

One of the best things that I Love about living in Brooklyn are all the street murals.  Amazing artwork to be seen and enjoyed adorning walls and sides of buildings!  Incredible!

Here are some photos that I took to Celebrate this warm lovely Spring day!