“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – “Calm”

“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – “Calm”

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

Canadian Geese at Rochdale Village Apartment Complex located in Jamaica, Queens. These photos were taken about four or five years ago.


These pictures were taken during Autumn in Central Park located in New York City.




These photos were taken last year 2015 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.




Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Meandering through some streets of Deira market – Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #7




Debbie Roth of Forgiving Fridays is an Eternal Flame who radiates kindness, goodness, compassion and grace.  She is a Heavenly Flame that Illuminates the World, and chases away the darkness.



During my vacation this past week my travels took me to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a place that is a slice of Heaven and the Garden of Eden rolled into one glorious encounter with nature. I especially enjoyed the Isamu Noguchi sculptures artfully placed int various areas. As I strolled through the various pathways slowly examining different types of plants, flowers, trees and bushes I felt a real connection to Mother Earth in her natural Glory.


Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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