She became a Tree then a Fiery Forest

She became a Tree then a Fiery Forest.

Future Journeys and Destinations bow before Her Throne.

Dream Weaver by Gary Wright

Explorations in Time and Space

Dream Sequence



Riverbend Sonata

Riverbend Sonata



Welcome to the Imaginarium of Painting, Poetry and Prose

Tears at The Oasis

Dreaming of a Better Life and Happier Times

House as Memory Palace

Organic Chaos Continuity

House as Memory Palace

Swallowed up by a Forest of Memories

Organic acrylic painting Collage

Castles become ashes burnt in the sand. Speaking in Tongues didn’t raise Her up. For She was sold for thirty pieces of tarnished silver yet Her skin remained Burnished Bronze.

Desperate for escape She slashed Her Limbs on the Spider’s Web.

Then She became a Tree, then a Universe for it mattered not what others thought.

She did up Her Bloody bandages continuing her Voyage Guided by Arboreal Voices. Limbs and Leaves gave succour binding together jagged sounding wounds.

Remember that the Rivers are filled with Souls awaiting Ascension



My New acrylic painting.

Vortex. Who knows what lies beyond? Do you dare enter in to the other side? Will it be salvation or stages of phases in Purgatory?

Rabbit Hole…………

Enter into the Maze at your own risk!


Chanting, Rectangle, Rectangle, Rectangle, Rectangle!