Scheduled Blog Posts

The blog posts that I previously scheduled before my WordPress account went belly up will continue to appear. Those posts were already in the pipeline. However I will not be able to share any of my new photos or artwork as my WordPress site stopped accepting more images, photos or pictures.

So much for modern technology or at least WordPress.

I will continue to post my work on Instagram and Twitter also Google.

WordPress has kicked me to the curb.

5 thoughts on “Scheduled Blog Posts

    1. Many Bloggers are having complaints and troubles with WordPress. One Lady told me that it took weeks before she could get her blog back working properly. Like Facebook, WordPress is also having problems with hackers. No wonder blogs just disappear.

      1. ccbarr

        I-yi-yi…I’m fine but every week they hit me up to do a for money plan. Heck I’m just piddling around. Not much to post everyday to make it worth it

      2. I will probably upgrade because I must be able to post to my photography blog Roaming Urban Gypsy. I need this blog for marketing and promotion purposes. My WordPress blogs enable me to showcase my photography and artwork.

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