Wordpress Woes

My WordPress account has been malfunctioning to the point that I can no longer upload images and half the time I can’t even access my account.

Why? I don’t know nor do I have the time, money or energy to figure it out.

Over the last few months WordPress has unsubscribed me from blogs and websites plus just cut me off from being able to Reblog my own posts.

The only way that I can read fellow bloggers posts is via the WordPress Reader.

Last month June my laptop notebook broke. With no money to replace it I will be moving onto friendlier platforms such as Google, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Being that I will retire in August and must live on a Fixed income buying another laptop is financially out of reach unless I have some type of money miracles.

Given that WordPress is filled with bugs and gremlins which I can’t fix it will be months if ever before I am able to return to blogging.

WordPress has effectively clipped my wings.

14 thoughts on “Wordpress Woes

  1. No, I am sorry to hear that, Deborah. But I understand that the effort is not in relation. I am glad for you that you are retiring. I hope you have time for things you couldn’t do so far and of course, for being more together with your brother. Blessings to you 💖

    1. Thanks. At least I’m not the only blogger having problems with WordPress. Another blogging just got back online after weeks of dealing with WordPress so called Customer service reps aka Happiness Engineers. Lately WordPress has been extremely uncooperative.
      Wordpress is a hot mess and the reason why some bloggers that you thought you were Following and Subcribed to have just disappeared.
      Wordpress has ways of wiping bloggers off the digital map.

      1. That is very bad indeed and I hope they get this problem under control soon. I have only experienced quick and constructive support. So, again, I am sorry, that this hasn’t worked out for you, Deborah. I’ll miss you!!

    2. Say Goodbye to the Digital Diva. WordPress has clipped my wings and kicked me to the curb. Other than the blog posts that I scheduled before the demise there won’t be any new ones at least not on WordPress.

  2. Sorry to read this Deborah. I’ve had problems loading images too, but the problem was with my host. I hope the mess can be sorted out.
    All the best for your retirement.

      1. Wow! Seventy! The retirement age here in America is 62. Of course I’m not 62 but decided to go ahead and take Early Retirement. I will get a pension and because I’m a union member I take my health and dental benefits with me.

        Once I reach age 62 then I can collect Social security.

      2. In Australia, the retirement age was set at 65 for many decades, but the last federal government felt that because Australians are now living longer with better health, we should also work longer so the retirement age has been stepped up. It will soon be 68 and because I was born in 1965, for me 70 is the new age of retirement.

      3. Oh. I see. Actually the U.S. is doing the same. Depending on when you were born the government has put retirement age up.
        Fortunately I was born in 1959. As a Baby Boomer I get a break. The American government wants people to work until age 66 but my job is physically demanding. The museum has security guards well into their 70s but constantly being on my feet and working long hours has taken its toll on me. I will probably get part time employment to bring in extra money.

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